Finding Annotations You've Applied

Is there any way to find a record of annotations you have personally added or voted on?

I recently was looking at lepidoptera filtered by Life Stage = Pupa. I noticed a handful of caterpillars in there, and put a thumbs down against the annotation.

I later realised that was not the best solution, as I don’t think the observer gets a notification (yet?) and as it was the same user for the majority of observations, I thought it would be better to leave a comment explaining the difference and offer to leave a comment on each one that needed to be fixed. I also didn’t want to come across as rude by downvoting several of their annotations without explanation.

The issue is I can’t find the observations anymore, because after downvoting Pupa, they no longer show up with that annotation.

Perhaps they actually were deleted (I hope not!) or I imagined it… but is there a way to find them by looking through my “annotating history”? I can’t remember other details about the observations to filter on, and I did not leave an ID.

Many thanks in advamce

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Unfortunately, in-putting an annotation does not mean the observation will be marked as “reviewed”, hence it’s hard to find it again. I would suggest maybe check your browser history for the individual observations if you actually clicked on it (rather than in the “Identify” page), and leave comments in the future! You can find all your own comments here hope this helps :)

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Thanks Tim, much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face: In the end I think I found most of the ones I was looking for, but I’m sure I’ll come across them again when I next scan the lepidoptera for unannotated caterpillars.

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