Annotation controls not loading properly

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

Starting yesterday, the annotation controls on the observation page stopped loading automatically. On most pages, an extra click is required to load the controls. This adds significant overhead to my workflow, which almost always starts by adding an annotation to the observation.

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I’ve had the same problem on Firefox starting yesterday as well.

not saying anything about desirability, but this was an intentional change.

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While collapsing annotations by default was intentional, the panel is supposed to be sticky across a session (i.e. stays closed if closed and stays open if opened).
What is your workflow? Are you opening a bunch of pages at once and then going through each of them?

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Thank you for asking. I review observations one-by-one from my dashboard, by opening the observation in a new window. Most of the time, the annotation controls are not downloaded ahead of time. Occasionally they are, however. The behavior is not consistent.

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From what I see, it appears to be permanently set to closed, regardless of my workflow. It used to be that I opened it and it stayed open for me in that browser, not I have to open annotations on every single observation. This would seem to actively discourage annotations.

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Is this still happening? A change was deployed a little while ago which may fix this.

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Seems to work for me. It stays open when I open it, and it stays closed when I close it. (I never close it, however.)


Yes, working for me too

It’s not working. Each time I load the identify page again, it resets the annotations to be hidden. This should be sticky and stay open once opened.

@maractwin, is this still the case for you?