Annotation for nests

I’m curious as to the consensus for how one annotates an observation of a nest.

It would be great if bird observations automatically added nest as one of the options under Evidence of Presence.


There are several nest projects you could add observations to.

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This is good to know! Thank you - was wondering the same myself a while back.

Thanks, that’s good to know. Do you have a sense of why it’s not a simple annotation option—it seems like a fairly conspicuous omission.


There’s a lot of things that could be added. It has been brought up by staff before.


In the default annotations under “evidence of presence” an additional category should be added that reads, “nest/den/burrow”.


I agree with you on that one I have seen bird’s nest that I wasn’t sure what kind of bird it was and some spider’s don’t make there webs between your porch and trees. They like to hide under your yard.

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