Problem with 'Evidence of Presence' observation field

Overall problem: I can’t seem to add “Evidence of Presence” when making a group of observations, I have to go back and open up every observation individually.

When making group of observations I can’t find “Evidence of Presence” as an option in the “Fields” tab. I did find “Evidence of presence” (note lower-case p), but when I typed in “Organism”, it did not cross over to the Annotations.

Am I doing something wrong?

“Evidence of Presence” is not an observation field, it’s an annotation. Annotations have different rules, which include not being able to be batch edited. If you add other annotations (like Sex or Life Stage) as fields, that’s because they have been synced to automatically fill in the annotations. Most likely the “Evidence of presence” field has not been synced, and someone should do it (I don’t know if regular users can). Basically, no, you are not doing anything wrong. The solution is just to use the annotations rather than the fields. Annotations are above Projects, Fields are below.
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You can also use the Identify page to annotate observations.

More info about annotations vs fields here:

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Maybe this should be a different question, but it would have the same title: A nest, especially a recently built nest, is evidence of presence of an organism. A dam is evidence of presence of beavers. A hornets’ or paper wasps’ nest is evidence of their presence. Shouldn’t there be some option under “evidence of presence” that would apply to this? “Habitation”? “Built Structure”? I don’t know the right word, but something?

Maybe “Dwelling”?

By the way, this came up when I helped identify a hummingbird’s nest that someone new to iNaturalist had posted. With the options for “Evidence of Presence” as they are, the metadata for this photo of a nest would be the same as for a photo of the bird itself. You could neither select for this observation nor exclude it based on that annotation.


I second your request for “nest” to be an option for “evidence of presence” for creatures that build nests (birds, social insects, etc,) although I imagine it might be a pain for someone to go through and decide which species get that option.

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If you have thoughts on this specific annotation, there’s a thread about it here.

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Do you think this should be merged with that one?

Thanks, @tiwane!

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