Annotation options do not update to match observation taxon on Android

Platform: Android

App version number: 1.19.8



Description of problem:

Step 1: On the Android app, find an observation with a high-level observation ID with limited annotation options (such as “plants” or “insects”). This issue does not occur when the obs starts out as Unknown or with a placeholder.

Step 2: Add a refining ID (such as Auchenorrhyncha in the example above) that should change the annotation options (in this case from Life Stage: Egg/Juvenile/Adult to Egg/Nymph/Adult).

Step 3: Attempt to annotate the observation, and you will find that the options have not updated. On the browser site, this updates automatically to reflect the Observation ID. The old options persist if I close and reopen the app, if I access the observation from the Explore page in the app or from my Identifications tab, although they sometimes (always?) update if I access the observation again from the observer’s profile.


I see similar issues still in 1.21.5 (472).

Open an observation IDed as “Plantae” (it’s not yet known to be a flowering plant, so the plant phenology should not appear on the observation yet). However, it does. But when you click on it, the pop-up has no information.

Go to identify it as a descendant of flowering plants.

Expectation - go back to “info” tab (i) and scroll down and I should be able to annotate it as flowering. But, when I tap that annotation it is still blank.

If I exit the observation and navigate back to it, it fully refreshes and now I can annotate it as flowering.


Added an issue here: