Annotations are missing some values on Android app

Platform: Android

App version number: 1.26.10 (540)

To reproduce problem:

  1. Go to one of your observations which would have several life stages - in my case a butterfly identified to species
  2. Choose life stage annotation - only “Adult” and “Egg” are available while there should also be “Larva” and “Pupa”. On the web site all of them are available for the same observation.

Another user mentioned having this problem and I was able to reproduce it:

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Same bug as:

Given the frequency of posting about this, it sounds like it’s a new problem and is hopefully high priority.

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Uh, yes. Sorry for the duplicate. I searched for “annotations” and didn’t find anything similar. Turns out searching from within the “Bug reports” section doesn’t restrict the search to that section (you have to explicitly choose it) so the bug reports were probably very behind in the results

It’s the first entry if I search annotations #bug-reports. Not a big deal though. Hopefully indicates that this is a high priority fix for users. :)

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closing to focus discussion at existing report