Annotations lost on ID change

Adding an annotation Life History: Juvenile to an Insect ID is lost when the ID becomes Coleoptera.
Similarly, the annotation Life History: Larva is lost if the ID is deprecated to Insect.
Toggling between the two (e.g. Withdraw or Restore) also loses the annotation.

In this case though, it should not: Juvenile = Larva and the two should be interchangeable. It is also unambiguous, as pupae are unlikely to be mistaken for < juvenile | larva > , and pupa is an “extra” stage, not equivalent or overlapping with larva or juvenile.

Curiously, whereas insects have Juveniles, hemimetabolous insects have Life History: Nymph and changing the ID to Coleoptera or Insects, also loses the annotation.

The distinction between juvenile, nymph and larva is totally spurious. The annotation should not only be the same, but it should not be lost between identification changes. Should the annotation term actually need to be different between the three taxa, then they should be converted on an ID change.

This seems related to, which links to

7191 Not related at all. That is a taxonomical issue. (although this does get mentioned, but it is a side issue and lost).
This is an annotation issue.
flag - that is entirely taxonomy and does not even mention annotations.

The way that annotations behave, will certainly be linked to the taxonomy, but there is no need to postpone fixing the annotations until the taxonomy is (or is never) done. The two are different issues.