Annotations limited on a specific observation, but not others

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Step 1: Open this OB IDd as winged or once winged insect in the iNat website via Safari

Step 2: try to add annotation of ‘larva’

Step 3: note larva is not shown in drop down list choices, just Adult and Egg. This does not happen with other recent insect OBs of mine.

This is because the annotations are specific to different types of organisms. You need a more refined ID to have different life stage options because different types of insects have different life stages.


Thank you. I assumed larva would be an option for a winged insect.


If it’s true that all winged insect descendant taxa would have a larval stage, then contact Tony and ask him to add larva to that level. I don’t know enough about them to know for sure myself though

Maybe raise it as a flag on that taxon level, so that a knowledgeable curator could consider it and arrange for adding it if appropriate…

No, it’s not true, many have nymphs but not larvae.


This question is for the community…
Yes, it’s true that many insects have nymphs rather than larva. But, are there any insects that ~only~ have eggs and adults? They go from egg to adult form? e.g., neither larva nor nymphs phases?

That sounds similar to ametabolous metamorphosis, such as in silverfish.

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You can’t have annotation of nymph or larva for winged insects as again different groups have one or another.

I indeed understood what Thomas @thomaseverest said above.

What do you mean by that? I’m kinda confused, you answered to my comment so I answered you.

Sorry, I hit the wrong reply button. I was saying I understood what Thomas said earlier about nymph vs larva metamorphosis, and also about egg-to-adult examples, like sliverfish.