Ants appearing in Vespoidea

I don’t know if it’s another reinexing issue or it’s connected with how Vespoidea was split not that long ago, but when searching for this taxon all ants that are found there are shown too, not one or two species, but as far as I can see all of them.


Interesting. I had recently created a project for Wasps and Allies and could not figure out why I had to exclude Ants [Family Formicidae] and Velvet Ants [Family Mutillidae] but did not have time to figure out why or if I just did not understand the taxonomy and had accidentally left them in somehow. The listing for Vespoid Wasps [Superfamily Vespoidea] only has Rhopalosomatid Wasps [Family Rhopalosomatidae] and Hornets, Paper Wasps, Potter Wasps, and Allies [Family Vespidae] whereas a search for Vespoid Wasps on Explore ( does show Ants and Velvet Ants as you have described.

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Yup, I see it too. Ants don’t appear under Observations but they do under Species.

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Has been also mentioned here:


You mean the Wiki page? iNat changed its taxonomy regarding Aculeata, so I believe @thomaseverest’s comment is an answer to the root of this problem.