Any easy way to make a parasitic plant life list?

I’m hoping there’s some way I haven’t thought of to make a list of parasitic plants that autopopulates with the ones I’ve seen. I know I could do Orobanchaceae as a life list, but then I miss out on many others. I suppose that leaves me adding each by species to a non-life-list and then sorting by “observed: yes”? Is there an easy way to import such a giant list of potential species?

Direct parasitism has evolved a dozen times, and mycoheterotrophy three times that many! I’m afraid there’s no taxonomically elegant solution

You could make a collection project with a list of species (or higher taxa if you can to shorten the amount of things you need to add), for example like this one for just Illinois or what was done here for edible plants. Then you and/or other admins of the project can continuously edit the project rules to add species and also allow other people to keep track of the parasitic plants they’ve seen if they want to.

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But is there an iNaturistacally elegant solution? Lol what I mean is could I at least import a table as a life list, or list? Or is, as @upupa-epops suggests, a collection project the best option?

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Yeah, if you create a personal list, there’s an option to “Add Batch” from which you can add a plainlist of scientific names or import a CSV:


Lists can be a bit buggy as far as displaying what you’ve actually observed, so I usually end up using the URL qualitfier list_id= and adding it to the Explore URL, e.g. this list of “spring wildflowers” I’ve observed in the Chicago region. Downside is that it’s not yet sortable taxonomically like lists are, but that’s hopefully going to be incorporated into the Explore page soon

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