Is it possible to make a life list based on annotation status?

Is it possible to make a life list of plants in bloom, dead animals, baby animals, etc?


I can’t see anyplace to do that on the New List page, but if you make a list without making it a life list, then you can populate it yourself by adding taxa whenever you find something that fits. I’ve been doing that with this year’s observations, and I’ve got one for trees that can’t be a life list because they don’t fit into a single taxonomic group.

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There’s a previous discussion that kind of covers this:

I’m glad you brought this up - I would not have found the previous discussion otherwise, and it’s something I have also wanted.


It looks like you can make a project filtered by annotation but not a life list. Which is what I had already seen but wasn’t sure if I was missing something. Seems like an oversight.

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