Any fun forums for discussing biology/science news?

I’ve noticed that I’ll often switch between social media platforms to look at during my free time. Since I want to dedicate myself to science, specifically biology, I wanted to see if there was a forum I could participate in that would help engage me with science talk specifically. The iNat forum is of course one option, but I’m hoping to find one more centered around current events in science. Does anyone know of a forum that matches that description?

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if you use Discord, the unofficial iNat discord channel is a fun place to nerd out about any sort of science topics. For better and for worse, it is much faster-paced and more chaotic than the official forums here.


I used to be active in this forum some years ago… don´t know how active it is today… the best time for these kind of forums seem to be over

Other then that, I do love the podcast Skepticsguide to the universe and they have a forum as well where you can discuss sciences news and such… have not been active there myself, just reading along sometimes