Unofficial iNat Discord Server

There is an unofficial Discord server, run by some pretty neat folks. Here’s the link to join:

Come on over and join the fun.


What is Discord? Sounds interesting but I’ve never heard of it.

Hard to describe, but it’s a type of text chat server mainly built for gaming/media things, but people make servers for websites, friend circles, wikis, etc.

The server is always on, so you don’t miss what other people have said. This makes it great for those of us who just pop in and out when we have a few moments.


will definitely check this out when i’m not at work :)

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I encourage Y’all to check it out! Almost 70 people overall have joined the iNat Unofficial Discord Server. It’s a great place to chat about nature and help each other out with Id’s.


Hi! I run the discord server discussed here. The idea of it was initially to have a place to discuss iNat among the members of a young birders server. We’ve expanded upon that however. The idea is that we can discuss our observations, trips, memes, etc, and overall be a little more laid-back and goofier than the forum. Also thanks to @tanyuu for shouting this out!


I highly recommend joining - it’s a fantastic community!

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The discord server is great, especially since it’s more informal, and sometimes that is really needed.