Any Joshua Tree enthusiasts here?

Another quick gardening question (I hate asking these). As I’m gathering plants for this spring as part of xeriscaping project, one I’m interested in is a Joshua tree. I was looking at Etsy, and saw two listings that look like pretty legit sellers. But I’m a little unsure of a few details.

This one is listed as Yucca Brevifolia var. Baccata. I’m not aware of any “baccata” variety of Joshua Tree, and I don’t see anything online. It also doesn’t look at all like Yucca Baccata. I’m assuming this is just a mistake, but I just wanted to make sure incase I went with that one.

The other one is listed as “Blue Mojave” which again I’m not aware of that variation and don’t see anything about it online. In the description it says hardy to USDA zone 9, I know Joshua tree is hardier than that. Is this another mistake, or is this “blue Mojave” variety less hardy?


I agree it doesn’t look like yucca baccata proper. Are there cultivated strains of joshua trees?

The “blue mojave” one may be referring to this (, a very interesting article as well). Either way, I remember Joshua Tree National Park selling joshua tree growing kits so you may be able to pick one of those up online from the park.

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Are there cultivated strains of joshua trees?

Not that I’ve seen, I know in the wild there is Brevifolia var. Brevifolia and Brevifolia var. Jaegeriana. The Sonoran Blue and Mojave Blue looks like they may be related to var. Jaegeriana.

I am actually planning to go to Joshua tree in a month, if you can’t get it any other way for some reason I could get a kit and ship it to you.


I wouldn’t worry about it, High Country Gardens sells em, but they’re out of stock for the season so they should be back within a couple of months I assume. I was just checking Etsy in the meantime, seeing if they had anything. Thanks for the offer though.

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No worries, just thought I’d offer in case they are hard to get, I don’t know much about the species itself.

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