Anyone else miss a chance to document a truly epic observation?

I can relate to that. My family was moving cross-country, camping along the way. Pocono Mts of Pennsylvania, a black bear barged through our campsite on its way to the next campsite, where people were cooking supper. I was too busy dodging out of its way and trying to avoid tripping over the fire circle to think about going for my camera.

Me everytime miss a chance to document a truly epic observation, like imagine when you are at home, at terrace(mostly my fun time on terrace) and then black headed ibis fly very low(so low that you can see his eyes) suddenly appear and then you ask permission to take phone from your mom to pass phone, so that you can click photo, then what In my case whenever such things happen, a mysterious force opposes me like friction opposes motion, then any unexpected thing can happen, like
your camera can’t focus
you forgot the mom’s phone lock so you are trying again and again
or simply your mom is not giving phone because she is talking to relative while I am freaking out urghhhhhhhhhhhh (eternal darkness and sadness come to me) so I cry.

But as a good and optimistic boy as I am supposed to be I go on my terrace everyday to take photo, and literally no living organism wanders around, if some butterfly comes by mistake, it will be common as flies, or if it will be a new organism it will never sit on anything. I am just asking how???

So I go on my terrace everyday, I still see black headed ibis flying on my head, but I have no camera so I just stare at bird, thinking in disappointment and asking myself why??, meanwhile the bird flies over my head meanwhile bird passes over my head very satisfied and joyous. and wonder what, you can see sun set and white clouds with hint of violet, isn’t it a perfect scene?

I’ve lost track of neat stuff I missed the shot on (usually me not noticing something until just too late). It’s frustrating every time, of course!

There’s nothing really, seriously disappointing I’ve missed though, I don’t think. Some of those species I may never see again in my life anyway, but that’s just part of the hobby.