Anyone know grasshoppers in Oregon?

Hi, I guess you can say I’m performing a study on Orthoptera friends in northeastern Oregon. And I’ve encountered some problems. Band-winged Grasshoppers are pretty straightforward in seeing what’s expected in my area. The problem I’m encountering is the genus Melanoplus. I know that northeastern Oregon has M. bivittatus (Two-striped Grasshopper) and M. sanguinipes/femurrubrum (Migratory/Red-legged Grasshopper) but that’s about it. And there’s dozens of species in the genera and I’m sure I’ve seen more than just the two or three mentioned above. Anybody know what members of that genera (or even better the Tribe in general) that might be in my area.

Looks like there is one other person who has identified more Tribe Melanoplini in Oregon than you have.

And here are the taxa of Melanoplini currently on the Oregon checklist.

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Yeah, Brandon Woo is usually who I tag when I’m searching for an id. However it’s very hard to get much information out of him besides an id.

Have you tried messaging him directly and asking something similar to what you asked here?

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