API: Whatever happened to `invasive species` information from the API?

The /taxa endpoint for the API returns specified taxa, one of the properties of which is the listed_taxa property, which in turn has a property establishment_means which I have discovered through usage returns one of the following values:

and a few nil values.

In the original API establishment_means seems to have been a property of the /places endpoint but seems to no longer return that property.

It seems one can search for projects which purportedly list invasive species but I’m not sure of the reliability of those projects and getting results for any particular area around the globe is very hit-or-miss.

It seems clear that invasive seems to have been removed from the API.

Does anyone know of any options that I could look into (iNaturalist or not) that would allow me to get invasive species information for any particular area around the globe?


Ryan Ashton
Hong Kong

i’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish, but i think you’ve assessed the situation incorrectly.


The answer to where to find this type of info will vary for any given area and your working definition of “invasive” (which can vary quite a bit between people). I don’t know of any unified source for this info. iNat is community-curated but the lists of introduced species in iNat would not be comprehensive, even for very heavily observed locations. Your best bet might be some kind of governmental agency or maybe some taxon focused group in the area you are interested that has compiled such a list based on previous research.


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