App Crashes When Rotating Phone Screen

iPhone 6s, iOS 13.4.1. iNat app 3.0.5 build 609

Step 1: Open the app

Step 2: Rotate the phone screen

Step 3: Rotate the phone screen back to where it was

Step 4: The screen will go black before the app is exited. Checking the open apps will show that iNat is still open:

Upon opening the app again, the homepage will be displayed.

For whatever reason, if you refresh your ‘my content’ notifications before trying this, the app won’t close when the screen is rotated in any part of the app.

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I’m not seeing that with 3.0.6 on my iPhone XS running iOS 14.0.1. Maybe try upgrading? There were several bug fixes in 3.0.6.

Is there any particular screen in the app that causes the blackout?


I’m seeing this also. iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 13.7 iNat app 3.0.5 build 609

Edit: I just upgraded to 3.0.6 build 610, and it does seem to be fixed.


No particular screen was responsible, and the update seems to have fixed it. I thought I was already on the most recent update when I submitted the bug report, whoops. Guess it’s already fixed

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No worries! We’ve been releasing bug fix updates pretty quickly of late.

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