App crashing when trying commenting with emojis

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About):
3.2.7 version 678, iOS 15.7.6 iPhone A1779

Step 1: I tried to add a comment on a personal observation using an emoji, but when I open the keyboard and go to the emojis section, when selecting an emoji, the app crashes and goes.


I’ve experienced this many times, as well. Sometimes it will let me type the emoji but once I try to save it, it crashes. Usually opening the keyboard is enough to trigger it to crash, though.

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Honestly, I have zero problems with an app that crashes if you try to use emojis in it. In fact I wouldn’t mind that being a feature of more apps.


FWIW I was able to add an emoji when creating an observation using the latest beta (3.2.8 - 681) on my iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 16.5.1

Does this only happen when editing an existing observation?

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In my experience, it can happen either while uploading an observation or while editing an already uploaded one.


I confess I do use emojis sometimes, but your comment still gave me a good laugh. (I want to add a smiley face here, but that would be really inappropriate, wouldn’t it.)


It was meant mainly as a joke, but I do admit to being crotchety and somewhat traditionalist about actually writing things out.



I do both. B) :+1:t2:

same with @Dallon

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Regrettably I can’t remember exactly what it was but a while back I found a bit of html code that worked as expected on the website and on the Apple app, but would crash the Android app without fail when the observation it was on was loaded

I’ve tried multiple times and multiple different ways but I can’t replicate this.

How many keyboards do you have installed? You can find that by going to Settings → General → Keyboards → Keyboards I have three installed:

Have you tried updating your device to iOS 16, if possible? @dallon which version of iOS is your device running?

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I’m on iOS 16.5.1 and I only have 2 keyboards installed - English and the emoji one.

I have 2 keyboard installed, Español (Latinoamérica), and Emoji.

About this Bug Reports, I know it may sound silly to some people, but sure this crash may scares away young users, millennials and people who use emojis as a means of communication.

here is a gif of a video I did, not sure if it may help


Thanks for the screen recording, Diego! I can’t replicate this with my current keyboard setup but maybe I’ll try with yours.

We also started a phased rollout of the latest iOS app update, so if anyone’s app is updated in the next few days, I’d be interested to see if the problem persists with that version.

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