App search doesn't show children taxa

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Android mobile (Android, iOS, Website):

1.29.2 (576)


Description of problem
When I use the App and I want to search between my own observations, the results are limited only the exact taxon that I was writing. For example (see the pictures attached) if I search for Cerambycidae (longhorn beetles) in the web browser I get all my observations that contains a Cerabicidae beetle even if it is identified for species level.

In the app I get only those observations that are identified to the exact “Cerambycidae” level.

Is it possible to solve this in the application?

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Dávid Horváth

i don’t think there’s a bug here.

in the Android app, if you search within your observations, you’re doing a string search.

if you want to do a search for observations by specific fields such as taxon, you should use the Explore screen. select the taxon by clicking the magnifying glass on the screen, and select your own user id by clicking the icon to the right of the magnifying glass.

here’s an example of my own Longhorn Beetle observations in the app:


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