Observation Search in App

Why if a do a search of a certain family/genus/order with the scientific name among my observations I get no results? The app version is 1.20.25 (456)
It happens only in the app, no issues with the web version.

On the app if you search a taxon it shows you only observations with id of this particular taxon, if it’s a species within a family you’re searching it won’t be shown.

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Please include screenshots so we can have a better idea of what is happening.

thank you, that answers to my question. I thought it was kind of a bug.

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(seems like melodi_96’s reply was the accepted solution here. time to close the bug report, probably.)

If you search under Explore, in the filters there is an option to “Show Only My Observations”. Then search for the family/genus/order and all species within that taxon will appear. There is a corresponding feature request to display the same results when you search under “My Observations”: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/get-list-of-taxa-observed-by-family-in-app/9375