Dryinidae observation not found in filtered search

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Step 1: search for dryinidae in Germany, user hermann_gruber, e.g. with the above URL

Step 2: search returns no results

Step 3: observe that the following observation meets the search criteria, which may indicate a bug.

Hello Hermann,
Im writing in English, but if you want I can explain it in German as well. For some reason your observation is “casual”, so it doesn’t meet the search criteria, which say “verifiable”. I think it has something to do with the X at “community taxon is precise”. Maybe you can tick that off…

In the DQA, Hermann himself has marked that the community ID is as good as can be.
Could this be why it is not verifiable?

The reason your observation is marked casual is because the community ID isn’t narrow enough for your vote in “as good as can be.” If you check that box, your observation can only be research grade if the community ID is below family (e.g. subfamily, genus, species, etc.).

The only way to get to research grade is to narrow it down, even to subfamily. You could also take back your vote for “as good as can be” to leave the observation as “Needs ID.”


Thank you, unticking that box did the job! I didn’t know about the family thing.

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