Are grasshoppers and mayflies the only insects to moult after growing wings?

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From a search online.
" The incomplete metamorphosis occurs in termites, lice, true bugs, grasshoppers, praying mantis, crickets, and cockroaches ."
My comment below:
Final instar grasshopper nymphs have a wing-like structure. The next moult, it acquires a set of functional wings. ( There are species with wings that look vestigial )
Grasshoppers cannot molt in its final adult stage. Not sure about mayflies, not common where I live.

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Isn’t there a subimago stage which has more or less the same structure as the adult? I don’t know what its benefit is to the mayfly.


Ah, but they do! Mayflies go through a subimago (or dun) stage with wings before molting to their final imago stage. Subimagoes are (generally) sexually immature.


My goodness, this I did not know - this is coming from somoene who has occasionally photographed nymphs in the water but never took a closer look at what was flying. Thanks for enlightening me.

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It seems you are correct
However the wing buds do look remarkably complex compared to many other insects

Please do not spread misinformation

it was quite clear they were mistaken, this is not what spreading misinformation is


I’ve deleted my comment as per @harrychink’s private message.

but that information is unintentionally false; therefore it is misinformation

You two seem to be using different definitions. Yes, there is the concept of “being misinformed,” implying that the information is unintentionally false. However, the expression “spreading misinformation” is often used to imply deliberate falsehood.

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