Are there any US counties that have no Inat observations?

I have looked at many counties in the US on Inat and I cannot find one county/parish in any of the 50 states that have no Inat observations. Is there one out there that I am missing? Could anyone solve this mystery?

It seems pretty unlikely due to the population, user base, and general vehicle accessibility that much of the US has. If there are any counties without observations, best bet would be in the MidWest, specifically mountainous areas of Montana, the Dakotas, or Idaho, some of the more undeveloped parts of the desert in the southwest, especially Utah or New Mexico, and the most likely would be the middle of Alaska, away from Denali and the other national parks.

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I checked some obscure counties like Buffalo County, SD, and could still find observations. Guess I have to look through all of them.

Just from scanning with the observation map, it doesn’t look like there are any counties with no observations. The search might instead be for the fewest observations in a county. The lowest count I was able to find by guess-and-check was Dewey County, SD, with 16 verifiable observations. Buffalo County, SD, as pointed out by @yayemaster has only 8.

Edit: Also found Ziebach Co, SD, which has 9

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What about uninhabited island territories?

Even Palmyra Atoll and Wake Island have Inat observations.


Maybe some uninhabited island like Navassa Island, will check that now

Navassa Island has no Inat observations. That solves the problem!

I’m pretty sure all the counties in my state, New Mexico (there are only 33) have at least one observation. I’ve tried to do my part by adding records from remote corners of the state.

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Swains Island, one of the county-level equivalents of American Samoa, is also bereft of observations.


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