Are we allowed to correct locations during the upload/ID period? (to get terrestrial plants etc. out of the ocean!)

Hi - I have a question about location error/uncertainty but there’s no rush on getting and answer! It can wait until the ID period! Just posting now so nobody thinks we’re trying to pull a fast one later. ; ) Along our shoreline we have some observations that are outside our official boundaries because of location errors. Is it OK for us to ask the original observers to move those observations back onto land during the upload/ID period? (They’re definitely not all just out in the sea because they were obscured, I did check for that.) Thanks!


absolutely! Whether it is for the CNC or just iNatting in general, it is preferred to have the location pin as accurate as possible. Unfortunately it is something the observer has to do, we can’t edit their observations for them. Note that if they have an accuracy circle that reaches outside the boundary, then it won’t get picked up by the project.

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Definitely! That is always encouraged. There’s not exactly a common response for that, but you can draw from these responses to other location-related issues if it helps for commenting on many observations.

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