Asia Continent missing west Papua New Guinea

The west Papua New Guinea is included in Indonesia’s boundary but is not included in the Asia continent. Can someone update the boundary to include west papua ?

Geographically & biogeographically the island of New Guinea is not part of Asia. The Western end is indeed part of Indonesia and should appear within the political boundaries of that country but that doesn’t make it part of the Asian ‘continent’.


Also, please note that “Papua New Guinea” is the country that occupies the east end of the island of New Guinea, plus many nearby islands, and is not Indonesian. “West Papua” is a province of Indonesia that includes the other half of the same island, but is not “west Papua New Guinea.”


The reason is I want a search project which include observations from all countries in Asia.
Ok, so I guess I will need to create a new location for the political boundary of countries in Asia

Would it not be a better solution to use the existing Asia and then add PNG as a second associated geography.

Creating a new entity the size of Asia will likely not be allowed under rules about max size (as far as i know users can create places up to about 600000 km2, which is only a fraction of Asia )and cause a massive indexing load if it somehow does actually create in the 1st place

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Thanks ! Never thought of doing it this way.

Yes that works. Thanks

Um, not PNG (= Papua New Guinea) which is an independent country that is not part of Asia. If you want to incorporate the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua then adding Indonesia as a country will pick them up.