Research Grade photo not showing when I do a search

Platform: Windows

Browser: Firefox



Description of problem:

Step 1: I did a Research Grade search in the genus Perophora limited to Asia. I happened to notice my photo of P namei did not appear.

Step 2: Changed from Asia to Australasia (photo taken in W. Papua, Indonesia) but no change,

Step 3: Changed to no geographic limit - it appeared; changed back again - vanished

It looks like this area is being considered part of Oceania rather than Asia:

I don’t see an iNat place defined for Australasia.


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Thanks. It shows as you say under Oceania but to me there seems little logic to that. Is there some boundary definition available in iNat please?
However, there is a defined area for Australasia which you can select - I have it on my screen now - it says “Australasia (Supername)”
Thanks for your help

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If you click those links above and choose the Map view, you can see the boundaries of each place.