Audio guidelines

What are your guidelines for audio files? Do you want specific info in the ‘announcement’? Do you want the announcement at the start or at the end of the wildlife recording? Are files limited to a certain size or length? Do you want other sounds edited out? Can you upload a file that has more than 1 species calling? If yes, how do you ID the additional species?

None of this info is in your Help or in the FAQs.

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Hi Yamal. Currently iNaturalist only allows WAV or MP3 files up to 20 MB. There is no requirement for an “announcement” at the start of the recording. If there are multiple species in the recording you can note in the description field of the observations what species you are identifying and an approximate time stamp of where in the recording to listen for the observations species. For multiple species you can use the same recording in separate observations, and just change the details in the description of each observation to reflect when sound are using to support the species identification. It’s even possible to include photos of the animals making the sounds along with the audio files. There are several examples of these kind of observations on a sound project I created.


Thx Friel. Why isn’t all that info in the Help or the FAQ files?

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Any chance we might see support for free/copyleft audio formats? (e.g. ogg, flac, speex)


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