August trip to central Java, Indonesia

My wife and I will go to central Java, Indonesia, in August.
Specifically to Pangkah, see

The two of us will just bring our phones for identification purposes, and we are mere amateurs. I hope this is okay to ask here:

Are there things we can observe for anyone that would be worthwhile? I plan on doing general ID’ing of uncultivated Life. But if anyone has specific requests that are manageable by phone camera I would be delighted to help. Don’t be shy with your requests, we might travel to other parts of Java, or even other Indonesian islands too. My wife is a native Javanese, so language or culture won’t barrier in any endeavours either.


A very prolific iNat user, @naufalurfi, is from Yogyakarta, Indonesia on the island of Java. He was featured in an iNaturalist blog profile, I believe many of his observations are made by using a phone camera. It maybe worthwhile exploring the diversity of species that he has documented. Anything the two of you can add is always helpful. Birds are charismatic and always fun to capture images of, my bias is towards insects, specifically bees. There are a few species there to document.

My wife and I explored Ujung Kulon National Park (World Heritage Site), west most Java, and Yogyakarta in November of 2018. Everything was new to us. 100% worthwhile. You can dm me if you want to know the Guide that took us to Ujung Kulon - fantastic fellow.


When I was 11, I visited Java to see my cousins. The most vivid memories I have are of beautiful green terraced farms on hillsides and a trip we took out onto the ocean. We visited a beach where the shore was incredibly far from navigable waters, and to get to shore we waded though these incredible ocean plant fields with so many sea slugs and sea snakes. I only wish I had pictures other than in my mind gallery.


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