Japanese native invertebrate advice

Hi everyone!
I’m an avid beetle enthusiast from Tasmania (Australia), specialising in weevils (superfamily : Curculionoidea) Although I also have an interest in most other native land invertebrates.
I’m going on a 20 day trip to Japan soon and would love any advice on areas of invertebrate hotspots, any good museums, checklists of major groups or any researchers I could get in contact with

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I’m not too familiar with hotspots, and that would probably heavily depend on where you are traveling to in Japan and what kind of transport you have access to (rail passes, rental car, etc.). Checking iNat observation maps may help, but overall, Japan seems pretty underrepresented on iNat given how active its naturalist scene is.

Honestly Twitter would probably be a better place to look for information; Japan in general seems to heavily favor Twitter, across a lot of communities (not just naturalists). You could also try and reach out to people in this project (iNaturalist Japanese Language Community).


Thanks! I’ll give that a try

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