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Here’s the GADM Level 1 and Level 2 data for Australia that we’re using. Do these look correct? Any feedback from those familiar with Australia much appreciated.

Re: Level 0 data - Natural Earth splits off Ashmore and Cartier Islands (ATC) & Coral Sea Islands (CSI) as separate Level 0 units while GADM includes them in Australia (AUS)

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Looks all good :)

Seems to omit the far flung islands and territories such as Lord Howe I, Christmas I & Macquarie I.

@rfoster if you hover over NSW in GADM Level 1, Lord Howe seems to show up. Not sure about the other two though.

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Would it be possible for me (as a curator) to edit Sydney? I was just checking out the borders for it and they’re completely messed up.

Just as one example there are huge chunks of the coast that get randomly severed and not included, and almost none of the coastal waters around Sydney are included either. I’m unsure whether I have permission to edit this place (considering it’s a capital city I assume it’s a standard place). Would very much like to resolve this ASAP for the CNC next year.

EDIT: not hugely necessary now, will be using a different place for Sydney

Just linking to this Feature Request to update level 2 places in Australia, which is now closed because boundary issues belong in these world tour threads.