Technical feasibility of amalgamating multiple places for node place filter

When logging into the iNaturalistAU node, the default place filter is Australia. This place includes both continental Australia, and some of its offshore islands. However, for some strange reason (presumably on GADM’s end), there is a great deal of inconsistency with which islands are actually included. Macquarie Island? Yes! Norfolk Island? No. Lord Howe Island? Yes! Christmas Island? No.

Overall, there are 4 island places excluded from Australia:
Norfolk Island (5925 observations)
Christmas Island (4886 observations)
Cocos Islands (854 observations)
Heard Island and McDonald Islands (20 observations)

Also excluded is the Australia Exclusive Economic Zone place, i.e., Australian waters (26,872 observations)

Even without the waters, that’s a good 12,000 observations that are being excluded for no good reason.

Would it somehow be possible to chain these as the default filter for iNatAU without necessarily having to merge them into Australia (which would be ideal, but I assume would have to be done on the GADM end)


Even on the main site, the fact that waters are not included in countries is disappointing.

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