Autocomplete menu obscures AI suggestions on upload screen

When I click in the species box, a second dropwdown menu appears (names I’ve searched for on sites other than iNat) on top of the AI suggestions dropdown. I’m assuming this isn’t a bug and is actually something to do with my computer, presumably some kind of background update?

I can get it to disappear but typing something and then backspacing the characters and moving my mouse away, but it’s quite irritating.

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this/knows how to resolve it.

Sorry, I don’t have the solution, but I have the same problem for a few days now. So just replying to this so I get a notification when someone that knows what to do shows up :).

I have the same thing a lot - scrolling down or up a bit makes it go away for me…

The issue has myseriously disappeared for me when I open a new tab to upload more…

Same thing happens to me. Don’t have a clue why (one’s own computer or iNat).

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