Computer vision suggestions don't appear on web uploader


When I am uploading new observations and I click on the species name it doesn’t show me the drop-down menu with possible options.
I thought it maight be a browser problem but it doesn’t work on any browser I have (Microsoft Edge, Chrome).
The same problem occurs also on indetify page. Only when I am on the given observtion page it works.

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It’s been working fine for me, last ID’d something in the Identify pages just a couple minutes ago

if you’re maxed out on your internet connection bandwidth during an upload, the dropdown menu may not show up or may be slow to appear. wait for the upload of your media to complete, and then see if the dropdowns are more responsive.

Well, it doesn’t work for me for maybe 2 days, I thought the site could be overwhelmed and the internet is slow so I always wait, but it just won’t show up.

I first noticed it when adding identifications.

if it’s not lack of bandwidth, you could try opening up the developer tools in your browser and seeing if any error messages appear in the console.

what should happen when you click on the identification suggestion box is that it will do an API request to the computer vision endpoint. if you type any characters in the box, then it will do a API requests to the taxon autocomplete endpoint. are you seeing the problem only for the computer vision suggestions, or are you also seeing no results returned if you start typing a taxon name?

The dropdown for computer vision suggestions has never appeared on the Identify page.

Are you still having issues with it not appearing on the web uploader or individual observation pages?

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Oh, really? I was wondering if that’s not the case. Unfortunatelly, on the uploader page it doesn’t work for me. The autocomplete when I add some letters works.

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on the (older) non-Chromium versions of Edge, it is known that the computer vision suggestions don’t work in the Upload page. if you use Chrome or the (newer) Chromium version of Edge, however, the CV suggestions should work on the Upload page, assuming no bandwidth problems. (eventually, most people will update Edge to the Chromium version. so even if it is technically a bug, i don’t think it’s worth trying to fix the problem in the old Edge.)

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I tried Comodo Dragon, it doesn’t work on it either.
I got Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0

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your version of Edge seems to be a non-Chromium one. as i noted before, non-Chromium version of Edge are known to not support computer vision suggestions on the Upload page. if you want CV suggestions on that page in Edge, you need to upgrade to a new Chromium version of Edge.

i can’t speak for Comodo Dragon. it looks like it’s a Chromium-based browser, but it seems to have significant changes that might affect the way CV works on that page. it’s also worth noting that if you have a really old version of Comodo Dragon, you probably should update because it had serious security problems up until a few years ago:

you mentioned in your original post that you have Chrome. do the CV suggestions work in Chrome? if so, then i would say the problem is browser-related, and i would stick to browsers known to work.


I updated and it works now, thank you so much for helping me!