Back button does not go back to original map view

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Step 1: I filter for a species and location, say American Bittersweet for NY State.

Step 2: I zoom into the map and click on an observation and enter a comment or ID in the observation page.

Step 3: When I hit the back button to go back to where I was on the map, it automatically zooms out to the whole world and I have to zoom in again. Sometimes the map is blank with not squares.

I used desktop iNat on Chrome and searched the same. When I first search NYS it zooms in to see the entire state. When I open an observation and then click back, it goes back to this identical view for me. But if I zoom in further to specific area in NYS, go to an obs. and then click back, the zoom view goes back to the the earlier one of the entire state. Although it’s not zooming back out to the whole world at least, for me.

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i think this is normal behavior, and the page is working as designed.

based on your description, i’m not entirely sure if we’re thinking about the same thing, but it sounds to me a lot like something that was noted previously (but which i don’t think ever made it into a bug report):

As @pisum suggested, this is the intended behavior. Moving the map does not change the URL of the page, nor does it change the browser history. If you navigate away from a page with a map and go back to it, it should appear the same as if you had performed the search for the first time, or if you had reloaded the page. I recommend opening observations in a new tab if you want to preserve a custom map zoom not reflected in your search parameters. You’re welcome to open a feature request, or perhaps add your thoughts to the existing post about Explore page redesign requests.

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Adding on to the solution, if you’re searching NY state and then zooming in you could also try searching the more specific region from the beginning (e.g. NYC, Capital District, specific counties). That way the starting point is already zoomed in where you want it, and will remain the same after leaving the page and going back.

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