Full screen function doesn't respond

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Step 1: On the explore portion of iNat, go to map view.

Step 2: Click on the expand map icon, see if it goes to full screen or not.

Ever since the custom boundary thing was added, which is fairly helpful, it has been impossible to get the map to go to full screen when on explore. Apparently I’m not the only one this is happening to, as my partner called me earlier and asked if it was happening to me too.
If there is some trick to get it to work, I’d love to know, if not, I hope somebody can fix it soon.


Same for me - no full screen on Chrome. :(


I can confirm that the full screen button doesn’t do anything for me on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.


Me too. On Chrome

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Thanks, I made a bug report here: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/3541


Also the “find your current location” button above it does not work either.
Both related to the new buttons for circles and rectangles?

Thanks, I added that to the issue.

Double checked and Location Services were turned off for my laptop. Once I turned them on and made sure Firefox can access my location, it works. @tonyrebelo can you please double check and make sure all of your permissions are correct? If you go to maps.google.com does it find your location when you click on the target button?

That aspect is still working for me…

This has been fixed. Looking good for me.