Banner at bottom takes up too much space when looking at species under profile

Platform (Website):

Browser, if a website issue (Chrome) :

Description of problem (Banner at bottom takes up too much space when looking at species.):


Would be good if it offered us an
X option to close / hide

It is a large area on a landscape and laptop view.


That’s a strange layout - the banner does appear for me at the bottom, but I see a much broader view of the lifelist page:

The usable space scales to take up a full screen as seen above, which is as intended I think. You can scroll down in each of the two panels independently. I don’t think the page is designed to scroll down both at the same time, so I think the design is probably working as intended.

Same on Macbook Pro 2023, Ventura OS, using Firefox browser, to view my life list. I can scroll each of the two panels independently, but I have never been able to get the usable space to scale up to the full screen (i.e., get rid of or minimize the banner - it’s just always there, taking up a good third of the screen.)

Edit to add: I can scroll using the side scroll bar, and move the banner off the screen

but I cannot see more than 1.5 rows of photos - if I scroll down on either side, or if I scroll down using the side scroll bar, the banner is still there.

So does this mean that folks want the space for the life list to be larger vertically?
Or maybe change the zoom on the right hand panel so that more pictures are viewable?

If so, this could be the topic of a feature request.

The banner is the same as at the bottom of all (as far as I am aware) iNat pages, so this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the banner itself. This seems to be working as intended to me.

The banner is always there, but the usable space above the banner is much larger. For example, on my dashboard, I can scroll down and see 6 rows of observations before getting to the bottom of the page/running into the banner.

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