Batch edit observation fields - revisited

I found a closed topic “Batch Edit Annotations” that says it’s not possible to batch-edit annotations. The posting was in 2019 and I wonder if this has changed at all. I don’t see a way to do it in the Batch Edit panel.

I have nearly 500 observations of Sphagnum mosses for which I’ve done microscopy and posted micro-images for identification (most of the key characters for Sphangum are microscopic). I just discovered there’s an annotation “Microscopy performed” that would be very useful for these. Am I going to have to annotate them one at a time? That could take a VERY long time. Just hoping.

It’s in the Batch Edit screen under Batch Operations → Add a Field:

(also I changed your post title from annotations to observation fields because they’re different things on iNat)


Thanks, @jwidness, I know the difference but slipped anyway! Thanks! This is great.

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