Batch Edit Photo upload broken for multiple photos

When uploading multiple, large photos via the batch edit tool, the upload fails.

Platform Website: Chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Description of problem

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Got you your observations page:
  2. Click “Batch edit”
  3. Select 1 or more observations
  4. Hit “edit selected”
  5. Go to the photos area for a observation
  6. Select multiple, large photos (In my case it seems there is no issue for any photos under 20mb, but over that I will receive an error)
  7. Hit Save all
  8. I then receive an error: “# 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx”

Welcome to the Forum, and thanks for your report :)

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This is intentional:


Even if the limit is intentional, I think the way the limit is conveyed here should be treated as a bug. Low level error codes should not be displayed in the user interface. They should be translated into user-level language explaining the issue.


I agree, although I’d recommend using [this method ( to add photos to an observation, I don’t think Batch Edit is necessary for that (unless you’re watching to make actual batch edits to the obs as well). It’s a pretty old part of the site and doesn’t get much support anymore. I added an issue here:

However, that aforementioned non-batch edit method doesn’t show an error message at all if your file is too big, so that’s a problem. I filed an issue here:


Thanks @tiwane!

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OK, the original bug here (for batch edit) has been fixed, so I’m going to close this bug report.