Batch Edit Save Gives Error

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Edit Observations > Search parameters selected > Select All > Batch Edit > set new privacy as batch > apply all > wait until screen stops loading, and last one on the page shows new privacy > click “save” > get above screen shot.

Attempted a couple times, and tried also just selecting like, two, observations (without using the search feature, just selecting two on the edit page), same error.
ETA: Apparently if I select by animal type in that checkbox list, AND it is less than 30ish, I can do it. If I select by animal type and more than 30ish observations, I get a 504 Gateway Time-out error. Doesn’t seem to work without selected animal type as well, so…weird.

Batch edit is pretty old, and it’s definitely negatively affected by the number of observations being edited. In me experience I’ll get a time out but the editing will eventually happen to all the observations. Have you double-checked to see if this is the case at all?

I ended up working through it slowly, using the animal type checkbox and only selecting 30 at a time. So they are changed now.

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