"Best" photos you've uploaded on iNat

They know. :worried:


There is an area near my house which was cleared from buildings a year or two ago. The municipality will start building there some time in the future, but until then it is a delightful place to kneel down and see what lives there.

Last weekend I went there and noticed I disturbed some large dragonfly I hadn’t seen before. One or two flew away as I stepped through some vegetation. I wanted to take a photo of one, and sat down to track one in the air. This particular one flew so far behind me that I couldn’t rotate enough while sitting and I lost track of it. I walked a bit more and another one flew up, which I saw landed quite close by! I stalked my way over there for minutes, taking a photo every few centimeters that I got closer.

Eventually, I took this series of macro photos with my phone. At this point I am about 20 centimeter from the dragonfly! It is by far the best observation I have ever taken of anything in nature. I was in awe being so close to such a thing of excellent natural beauty, spending some time studying its marvelous details up close.

(I cropped the first photo a bit, other than that there is no post-processing.)



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Saw this adorable crab spider in a fairly rare orchid: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/217104347


This Dirt dauber, it looks a lot better on my phone, LOL!


Although a common species, I really like the detail …

Observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/201923317
The details on this little guy blows me away…

Observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/161256378
How the heck evolution thought all this hair was a good idea (LOL) …

Observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/165019893
I’ll admit to a bit of a fascination with Salticids for the past few years (can you tell??), so here’s a robber fly who’s eyes blew me away…

Gotta love the common name: Gnat ogres
Observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/97303616


Awesome details!

Can’t we all just be friends?
Sorry…it just leaps to mind every time I look at this photo…


I want always to be a little boy and to have fun.
When people grow up they forget the way.


Orchard Orbweaver


Those are incredible photos of some pretty awesome creatures!

I guess this is cheating, using an image from a trap camera. (Pacific black duck).
Also getting an extreme close up on an echidna.


These are all so amazing! I’m definitely taking notes on everyone’s tips :blush:

I’ve always been more of an illustrator than a photographer, but iNat has motivated me to buckle down and really get to know the mirrorless camera I upgraded to a few years back. I’m focusing on developing more instinct for the exposure triangle and what settings I prefer before I add artistic considerations back in, but I’ve been so delighted to capture what I’d never be able to catch with my eyes. (Partly because of speed and distance, but the astigmatism doesn’t help either!)

The grackles in my area are really starting to give me the impression that they’re really very bad at holding onto their food…but not as bad as their food is at running away.


I’m afraid I will never grow up.
As my husband says, “No adult supervision around here…”
And then I always say, “Well, w’ve gone feral. Completely feral.”
It’s a good thing we live in a rural setting because we’d be thrown out of any urban setting at this point.



Recently I figured out I can put my phone camera at 0.5x zoom to very easily take close-up photos using the wide-angle lens. It’s been very fun going around taking photos of tiny organisms, sometimes less than a few millimeters (like the pseudoscorpion above)!


A Rural Indian Version- Gharial and the Indian Black Turtle
( Although neither a good quality Picure nor uploaded on iNAT-so irrelevant at this thread- anyway)


This is probably my favorite photo right now. This springtail is about 2mm long, and they run very fast, I couldn’t get a good picture of them. And then, one time, I managed to find an individual who didn’t mind posing for me. It still didn’t work out the way I wanted, but it’s the best I could do.

I really like the multi-colored scales on it, it reminded me of vampires from the movie “Twilight”, they also sparkled in the sun :laughing:


These are the only two photos I got as larger sizes when I did the first print of my best photos.



Beautiful pseudoscorpion, wish to see them someday.

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I did find one, when I lifted a pot in my garden. Unexpected and no picture, no proof.