Looking for photos of isopods taken with a clip on macro lens for a phone and a USB hand-held microscope

Currently working on a new page for The American Isopod and Myriapod Group (https://www.americanisopodsmyriapods.com/home) about identifying isopoda through photos and im looking for some photos taken with attachments for a phone to show cheaper ways to get decent macro photos. My email is: Oonaghdegenhardt@gmail.com! feel free to email me if you have photos taken with either a clip on macro lens for a phone or a USB handheld microscope. You will get full credit for the photo displayed clearly on the website!


I have just the thing! This observation I made a while ago was with my smartphone and a clip-on lens. I’ve sent you an email.

I have some photos taken with a clip-on lens. No idea if they’re helpful because I know nothing about isopods though.

Thank you!!

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Got some observations right here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?created_d2=2022-12-01&place_id=any&taxon_id=48147&user_id=lgarriga&verifiable=any

I just ordered a macro lens! Feel free to use any of my photos once I have it delivered. I’ll add ML (macro lens) in the notes to distinguish it from other observations.

https://www.americanisopodsmyriapods.com/identification-of-isopoda-through-photos-and-videos The update has been released! thanks for the replies everyone!


Neat, thanks for sharing!

I see you’ve already mentioned iNat but I wonder if it would be helpful to link to iNat observations/numbers for the photos. And I also don’t know how rights carry over: my iNat photos are CC-BY, and I would be fine with them still being that elsewhere. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to be more protective. (Not something I’m personally concerned about but maybe others will know proper policy.) Overall I’m honored to have been included. :)

All good points! I could totally make some changes!

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