"Best" photos you've uploaded on iNat

To be fair with a landscape like that you can afford to have a wider shot! Cornwall is such a gorgeous place, I hope I’ll have the opportunity to go back to the UK for a trip at some point.

It’s definitely a wonderful place, I visit there from time to time as a holiday destination since I live about 4 hours away and it’s relatively affordable ( Particularly with the price hikes in the UK). On my most recent trip around Padstow and Newquay I saw tons of interesting species ( although I regrettably didn’t take any pics of the many shells strewn across the beach) and visited the Trevone Round Hole which was quite terrifying since I’m afraid of heights. Next year I should be making a visit to Romania but if not Cornwall will be the next best choice.

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This looks like it could also be an entry in the “most dangerous photos.”

Great pic

Best is such a complex concept! Seems to relate to level of difficulty but also the bonds of affection. Love flickers.

So hard to get in focus because they move non-stop.

Another mover.

So hard to get all the legs in the photo!

My first post to iNat.


that Dragonfly is stunning ( I assume its some sort of skimmer), reminds me of this pic I took with a common darter perched on a signboard with a picture of a common darter. If only it had been a male.


I found a second picture that is a contender for my best and it’s this Sri Lanka Weevil: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/175258072
This also happens to be my first observation that was over 1000 so its special to me lol


You mean the marmot? In that case I’d say it only was a dangerous place for tourists, not for locals who know the mountains and have proper gear :slightly_smiling_face:

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@elias105 oops! Sorry! I need better glasses. I thought it was a grizzly bear!

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Yes! I always love those closer shots of the less pretty insects that show all the little details. All the bristle arrangements on flies. The little indents on carabid beetle elytra… it really does makes you appreciate them more.

Plus, the smaller you get, you uncover life that was right under your nose, it was just to small to see with the naked eye. :) Makes you feel less alone.

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this is my attempt. hover fly






At first I thought there was a bug


This is a great topic. I like to think I’ve gotten a lot better with photography, and I only learned how to crop my photos properly last year. Taking a good photo is one of the most rewarding feelings. I found it hard to pick one that I’m proud of because I’m horribly indecisive so there’s a couple, sorry if I did too much.


wow! so many! they’re very nice

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I think that they are absolutely lovely!

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Here are some more


I find this one interesting.

my long distance camera is not very good and sometimes blurry is the best I can get. They sometimes turn out ok though. I don’t shoot for composition in these.


It’s hard to say, but I think these are my top contenders


I love the mushroom one. What species is that?