Best public transport wildlife tick

I was on the minibus (a miniature bus in Hong Kong) today and a few House Swift came close enough to be identified.

What is your best wildlife tick, seen from public transport? It has to be genuine public transport, not a safari van. :sweat_smile: Ideally it would be on land - many ferries would pass by lots of interesting birds.



Part of the DART line in Ireland (urban rail) passes along sea cliffs, and I have seen Harbour Porpoises, Gannets and Fulmars from the train while on my way into the city. That was many years before iNaturalist though.

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Not a tick, but I did see this grasshopper taking the same morning train that I do.

mine would probably be the Cape Barren Goose! seen from a bus in the Hobart area, just the head seen poking out of tall grass in a field.

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