iNat Search for birds at my vacation location

I would like to see a page similar to the one attached that does not show duplicates. I want to do a screen capture to store on my phone to help me ID birds when I am in Northern Ireland in September. My search criteria are Northern Ireland GB, Research Grade, Aves, Months Aug Sep Oct, large thumbnails.

Is this possible?


from your filtered Identify screen, just switch over to the explore page by eliminating /identify from the URL. then look at the species tab on the explore screen.


Try this link: Observations · iNaturalist

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Thank you so much to @pisum and @puffin21

Both worked! I am all set for the birds. Now I can use this new found knowledge to find my other favorite critters and plants.

Much appreciated.


I’ll be in southern Ireland next week and will also be on the lookout for birds! (and bog things)


Bog things! Sounds very interesting. I’m thinking macro lens…I hope. :)

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