Best way to change the order of the pictures of an observation?

somestimes you make an observation, add a picture of the observed species and for example a habitat picture and after adding the picture to inat , realize, the habitat picture is first, which is annoying.
So how to change this quickly?

When you try to edit the observation, you can add or delete pictures but noch particulary change the order.

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You can change the order of photos both on the website and on the mobile app fairly quickly. On the web, once you click edit observation there is an option called re-order photos. On the ios app, you can change the cover photo by clicking the white circle under the image you’d like to make the default.


thank you very much, didnt know of this feature.

For some reason ‘reorder photos’ is carefully hidden away

Would be easier if that option was in the dropdown menu at Edit. I thought we had a Feature Request, but can’t find it.

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