Biodiversity education quiz game

I think something that would make it really fun would be to have a taxonomic tree, and the player could pinpoint the id as specifically as they felt possible. Then they would be awarded points based on whether they were correct and increased points based on how specific their answer was. For instance someone would get more points for a correct species level ID and less points at the genus, family, order, class etc. I would definitely play a game like that.


I think it would be better if you could limit it to certain taxa and certain geographies.
At the moment it’s too broad to relate to my personal interests.
Equally though, I don’t want to limit it solely to things I do know as that would be just like identifying ( as @tallastro says ).
Some sort of balance would be ideal - I would definitely use something like this if I could limit it to a specific taxa or geography I want to learn …and if it had more questions and levels of difficulty to pass through perhaps.

Ideally I think any new identifier would have a training ground like this inbuilt in iNat as part of the onboarding… so they can attempt to ID their taxa of interest (and get automated feedback) before they start to ID in the real world.

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I actually like this feature, lol. But, when the Latin name is not illuminative, I can see where this could get frustrating.

Or, pick at which rank you want the options to appear: Kingdom (lol), Phylum, all the way to (sub)species.

This is what I like, and especially that the photos really are stunning.

Thank you all very much for your amazing feedback! I will try to improve the game.

@melodi_96 @tchakamaura Thank you! I believe I have fixed the issue where the answers stop loading. xLet me know if it happens again for anyone.

@tchakamaura Thank you! I have fixed the issue with duplicate answers, should not happen again.

@lunarjelly @pattiedens @brennafarrell Thank you, I will go through the photos at one point and filter out those with multiple species or copyright infringements.

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As for your further suggestions:
I will try to fix that a photo appears twice in a game and work some more on the results page of one game. Limiting to certain places or taxonomic groups, or selecting the answers’ rank, sounds interesting as well.

@yubabirder Yes! That is exactly what I have in mind too for a later version!

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Oh! I missed that. Thanks!

Awesome! Please let us know when its finished!!

Maybe it could be an option. Hardmode is latin name only.

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Yes, I like this idea.

The common name gives too much away when the organisms are not even related, e.g. ‘blue-striped garden slug’ when there’s one slug.

The scoreboard overlays photo on iPhone 8 so I couldn’t see picture

Yes, sorry, it’s not really made to look good on phones yet.

This is an impressive game. This can hone my knowledge. But maybe you can make it into several categories, so the player can play it in the category it chooses. For example birds, insects, and fish.

I absolutely enjoy it to increase my identification ability. So, thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I love this game, too.

Wow,amazing game
learnt a lot
Thank you sir for creating this quiz,it is helping many people including me

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your feedback immensely! I have added now a button where you can select a class as a filter. So the next observations loaded will all be from this class, e.g. birds or insects. Let me know if this is useful. This increases the chance of hitting the same photo twice though, as I haven’t fixed that yet.

@lunarjelly @muhmalikali @sbushes

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In the future I want you to be able to create your own round that then other people can play. If someone wants to test this out you can just send me a list of minimum ten observation IDs and I will add it under your name.


It’s fun but a little boring. I like being able to select a Class, so thanks for adding that. My main problem is that there’s nowhere to go but to the next game. I’d like a Stats page where you can see how many games you’ve played, what percentage of correct IDs you made, streaks, etc. Some sort of badges would make it more interesting too (for example, one for getting every answer in a single game right).