Biodiversity education quiz game

Hello everyone,
I would like to create a biodiversity education quiz game, much like what geoguessr is to geography.

I have created a prototype and would love to get your feedback on the game, to see what I should focus on improving next. You can find the game here:

I have started with a version in which you see a photo and have four family name answers to choose from. But this is only temporary, because I have in mind to make an interactive classification tree where the user has to pinpoint the identification on.


I have seen the discussion on previous quiz game introduced here, and will include the suggestions from there as well over time.

I think that the development of this earlier quiz has stalled. @jonnyk20 ?

@jhoekstra you mentioned some interest a while ago on such a quiz. Did your development make any progress?

Some photos are much higher resolution than they need to be. Maybe you limit such photos or show a lower-res version.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes that is correct, at this level of answers I guess I don’t need that much resolution.

on my screen (macBook with Safari) the answer buttons are all overlapping each other, so I can’t read them. It’s just possible to see that there are different buttons

Thank you! That is strange though, I have the same (Safari on Macbook) and it looks okay, all four buttons separate. This will take longer to fix.

Just stopped loading at one point while Internet connection is fine.

Same for me, eventually stuck loading on second game.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have seen it myself now, will work on fixing this later.

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Twice now I’ve seen a duplicate answer. The first time I clicked on one and was told the answer was incorrect, the second occurrence being the ‘correct’ answer.

The second time the button I chose happened to be the correct one but it’s still duplicated.

Sounds like a great idea.

This was fun, I saw some animals I didn’t know existed.

I played through a few rounds of the game and came across a few issues. On a few slides the answers I was given did not have common names attached to them. I couldn’t make any educated guesses.

A few slides had more than one animal present (predation events). I was not sure which animal I was ID’ing.

Something I would be interested in is being able to pick which order/family I wanted to be tested on. I think it would be easier to learn if you are only learning from a smaller pool of possible questions.

Another suggestion is having a screen where, once the game is done, you can see your results. Or if you can choose to replay the ones you got wrong, so the repetition helps you remember.


That was fun! Stunning photos chosen. No issues with my MacBook Pro and Safari. One ID issue (I think).

This is not a crab spider, right?


There is a Crab Spider in front of the bee


This game feels like doing IDs. Except you don’t get the reward of progressing an observation record. It’s not for me.


I had the same photo/species twice in the first 5 photos.

This is neat. Wonder if you thought of providing an option to filter by location, at least at country level?

Observations with copyright infringement show up.

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It would be nice if there were some sort of feedback when an answer is wrong to help the player learn key characteristics about the taxa.