Biodiversity in Cape Cod beaches

I spent an hour walking along a bay and ocean beach on Cape Cod. It was fun to see all the different species that call the beaches their homes! I witnessed a hermit crab trying on a new shell, and a turtle crawling along the beach to get to the water. It was so fun to watch and moments like those I won’t forget.


When are you going to ask the homework question?

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the title of the post certainly does suggest some sort of question is coming, but i’m happy if this remains an appreciating-the-moments kind of thread. there are many wonderful things to discover when walking along the beach. i always find something new and interesting each time i have a chance to get out there.


Cape Cod is certainly full of new naturalists this week for sure. I guess we should indeed be grateful. Anyway I think I’m done with it for now. Perhaps I’ll log on again in a couple of weeks when this nonsense has blown over.

If the thread focuses on appreciating biodiversity, there’s no issue, but if it turns into a discussion of a homework assignment than it will be closed and unlisted.


Cape Cod is indeed a beautiful place, and endless places to explore and things to be discovered! Being from the area I identify what I can locally on iNat, and saw your diamondback terrapin. That’s a great find! You have to be very lucky to see them, they’re quite skittish in the water and don’t frequently go onto land.

Welcome to iNat, looking forward to seeing all the other cool stuff you find!


In anticipation of the question: yes, making repeated observations on the ocean beach and on the bay beach would allow you to determine whether there are differences in diversity. It would probably take longer than your average school project, though – because some species are only present in certain seasons.

We need more of those threads. Almost every thread on here is a question of one kind or another; the beautiful photographs by 1for1 are a refreshing change.

@NRoss_06 I grew up in Rhode Island, so I got to know some of the species you have in Cape Cod.

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