BioQuip going out of business

Little late to see this, but that sucks. They have the best sweep nets, and now I’m not sure where to get replacements. The stuff on Amazon is garbage.

The Rose Entomology website has many net options and is trusted by expert sources, although is somewhat expensive for any paying out of pocket. I got one of their “standard” nets which can be adjusted in size and collapsed, making it easy to carry anywhere.

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Is Rose Entomology still around as its own entity? I thought they sold their business to BioQuip. redirects to BioQuip’s website. Is there another place to order their gear?

I’m unsure, you may be right.

A new site recently created should be up soon to (hopefully) try and fill the BioQuip void:

They have a survey (also linked on their Twitter page) to help them gauge interest on which items to carry.

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